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Today's Premier  Hunting / Deer Stands

Our hunting stands are made from an extremely durable high grade plastic. Here at FTB each stand is inspected to meet or exceed our high standards. Our stands sets us apart from traditional stands, for our durability and protection against the elements that fiberglass stands cannot match. Our hunting stands keep you safe and comfortable. Despite their incredible toughness and durability our hunting stands are easily transportable and built to fit into a pick-up truck box.
This is hunting equipment that can make difference, and is waiting for you at FTB Manufacturing.

As the Cadillac of the deer hunting stands, our stands can be used to hunt a variety of animals, such as deer, turkey, bear, elk, moose etc. Our hunting stands are made from a highly durable plastic, so it stands up against the bitter weather (cold or hot). The attached bases are part of the assembles unit, built with heavy duty steel to ensure a strong foundation one of the strongest in the market. Perfect for your hunting needs!