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Also great for duck and turkey blind, ice fishing, and portable shelters.

Our deer stands are favorites of the most discerning hunters, and with good reason. Our deer blinds have long been an industry favorite, and have provided hunters with the cover and comfort they need to make their excursions a success. We offer portable shelters and box blinds for virtually every kind of hunter, including deer stand, turkey blind and duck blinds, portable ice fishing houses, shelters for bow hunting and more. We even offer portable chicken coops and green houses should you be interested. Our hunting blinds, are oval in shape and are made from high grade plastic, and set a standard for durability and protection against the elements that fiberglass blinds can’t match. Whether you are hunting deer, elk, bear, turkey, moose or another animal, our hunting pods can keep you safe and comfortable while you do. Best of all, despite their incredible toughness and durability our ground blinds and elevated deer stands are easily transportable and are light enough to be fit into a truck bed. This is hunting gear that can make a difference, and it is waiting for you at FTB Manufacturing.

  • We offer seven foot high Two-Man Deer Stands (6’6: x 5 oval) and Two Man Deluxe Deer Stands (7 x 5’6” oval)
  • Our deer blinds include windows for easy viewing and shooting. Large, broad openings offer a full view
  • Our hunting pods are made from the most durable plastic for excellent protection against harsh weather elements and animals
  • Oval pod shape not only helps to withstand wind, rain, and snow but also makes our stands extremely stable
  • Plastic finish makes it impossible for animals to detect you by scent
  • Charcoal black and sand finishes make it difficult for animals to spot you
  • Our portable deer stands are towable, and for those not wanting to mount on a trailer we can install a towing system to suit both sizes of our shelters
  • Portable chicken coops, portable ice fishing houses and green houses also available

We strive to make our hunting blinds and all of our products as affordable as any in our industry. Furthermore, we make ordering the portable shelters you want easy. If you are an avid hunter, you owe it to yourself to take your hunting experiences to a new level of comfort, safety and efficiency with our help. Call FTB Manufacturing today! 218.685.5470


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